Which Mobile Apps in Business Can Assist Me?

Applications  have become a vital part of business life, and more businesses are looking for mobile apps to support their core business functions. With the increasing efficiency of mobile device operations, businesses have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to mobile apps. Not only do businesses have the option of […]

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Design annotations in clinical trials

Importance of Design Annotations in Clinical Trials

Design Annotation, also known as Design Indication, is an electronic form that is used in clinical trials to provide a label or tag for a product during the data collection process. The form is compatible with the clinical trial management systems and is used to record demographics, risks, medications, and other information about the participant. […]

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iOS app development

iOS Development Steps

The iOS application development workflow follows the usual pattern mentioned above. It all starts with planning the app, goes on to design, development, testing the product before launch and then constant maintenance as long as the app exists. But in practice, the iOS development process is not easy. Developers have to follow several development rules […]

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Development of Android apps

How to Develop an Android App – Part II

Following up on our previous post on developing an Android app, here are the rest of the steps. Step 6: Plan and Create the Backend Now with the detailed design and validation of your prototype in hand, it is easy to start planning and creating the responsible for the logic and support of your application, […]

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Android app development

How to Develop an Android App – Part I

Why do you want to know how to create an Android app? Do you want to ride the wave of app fashion, or have you encountered a problem that you think you can solve? The answer to this question will determine whether your application will be successful or not. This is a guide to get […]

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